Last minute? Bring it on.

I don’t like to think I’m a procrastinator, but when something comes up last minute—bring it on. In a four-day period I planned out a last minute styled bridal shoot in a different state.

As I planned a trip to Utah for a wedding shoot on Saturday, Dec 30 and an Engagement shoot on Tuesday, Jan 2, I wanted to fill some time in between with a photo shoot. Sunday, Dec 31 was out of the question, because of church (I need time for Jesus), so our only option was Jan 1. I made the decision on Dec 28 to try to make it happen.

Brooks-Digital-6020 (1).jpg

I was lucky to have my friend Becca volunteer as the model and florist. Camila, a wiz with these last minute shoots, kindly agreed put her hair dressing powers to the test (She doesn’t do hair as a business, but she is an amazing wedding planner). I thought we were doing well, but we still needed a dress, a makeup artist and a location/studio.

On a whim I booked a studio in Bountiful, so that narrowed down the location. It was convenient for Camila and Becca as well, since they lived relatively nearby. The last thing we needed was the makeup artist and the dress. Having a makeup artist is important, but if things fell through, we could make do with Becca doing her own makeup. As far as a wedding dress goes, it’s hard when bridal shops are closed Dec 31 and Jan 1, so I had to get a response from a dress shop within the next two days.

I messaged several dress shops and designers in hopes of getting a dress loaned for the shoot. After the first day I heard a few rejections and it left us with three days until the shoot. I messaged 10 dress shops in Salt Lake in hopes of finding a dress last minute. Someone suggested I contact Barbie at Modest by Moncheri and Jessica at J. Noelle Design.

Both received a fairly desperate message from me, and gave me lifesaving responses. I’m paraphrasing, but both of them pretty much said, “Of course I can help! What kind of dress are you looking for, and when would you like to pick it up?” You can imagine the weight lifted from my shoulders.

Long story short, everything fell in place. I don’t suggest putting yourself in a situation where you have to do things last minute, but if you have to—bring it on.


Creative Crew

Model: Becca Ward

Florist: Floral by Becca

Hair: Camila Fuenzalida (Wedding Planner)

Dress #1: Modest by Moncheri (Moncheri Bridals)

Dress #2: Modest by Moncheri (Moncheri Bridals)

Dress #3: J. Noelle Design

Studio: White Space Studios (Bountiful)

Brooks McFadden