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I don’t know about you, but when I get a candid photo of me, I’m blinking with one eye, drooling, caught in the middle of a sneeze, or pulling the world’s greatest double chin. 

However, the truth about all those “candid photos” you see on Instagram, is that they aren’t actually candid. They are actually posed—well kind of. A better word  for candids might be prompts. So to give you a taste, here are three prompts I use in every shoot.

1. Whispers

This is the perfect opportunity to tell your favorite dad joke or whisper something completely off the wall. Sometimes I don’t hear what he says to her, or vice versa, but based on their shocked reactions, I can only assume it wasn’t anything I wanted to hear. 


2. Swing & Sway

It’s probably the most simple one to get a little more of a smile on the couples’ faces. I tell them to sway like it’s a slow dance and all of a sudden they aren’t so stiff and unsure of what to do. It provides an easy way to have the couple interact in front of the camera without second-guessing themselves. 


3. Almost Kisses

For those more intimate shots, I love using this prompt to get the couple to try a pose they would never think they could pull off. Before telling the couple about the pose, I tell them it feels awkward, but looks flipping good. I tell them to get their faces as close as possible, close their eyes and smile. More than half the time they end of laughing and the guys try to sneak in a kiss.


Every session I do will include these three prompts, but it doesn’t end there. I have several more up my sleeve, so when we do a shoot with you and your significant other, you’ll have more of those candid photos to look forward to. 

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