4 Reasons to do an Anniversary Session

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So much can change in a year. You can start a different job, move to a different state, or find a new hobby. It’s easiest to look back on a year in the literal sense, for example reflecting on the previous year in lieu New Year’s Eve. However, an important perspective to view a 12 month period of time is through the lens of wedding anniversaries. 

Some of you might be saying, “Bruh you’re single,” or “You’ve never been married,” or “Duh, a chimpanzee could have said wedding anniversaries are important,” but hear me out! 

This last year I’ve done a fair amount of anniversary photos for couples—some I just barely met this last year, and some I had the opportunity to work with for their wedding. I asked these couples to to answer the question, “Why do an anniversary shoot?” Most gave similar answers, so I wanted to highlight 4 reasons why you should do an anniversary shoot. 

1. A year is a lot of time for things to change.

This is one of the #1 thing I heard from couples, so it’s the #1 reason to do an anniversary shoot.  

2. What better way to celebrate another year together?

I couldn’t agree more! For one, so much happens in a year, so it’s a great way to celebrate another year of marriage. We also take photos for engagements and weddings, so why not commemorate another year of marriage with an anniversary shoot. 

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3. There’s less stress compared to wedding photos.

In preparation for a wedding, your stress levels are skyrocketing—making sure everything goes according to plan. After marriage, things wind down a bit, so photos aren’t NEARLY as stressful. It can be a more positive experience and you feel more comfortable in front of a camera. 

4. I get to meet you two for the first time, or I even get to work with you again!

Getting to meet new couples is always a blast—learning where they’re from, how they met, and hear all the awkward and hilarious stories they have to tell about each other. But I do love opportunities to work with past clients again, because it’s really just hanging out with old friends. 

The reasons for anniversary photos can go on and on, but the most important thing to remember is that your love story carries on beyond your wedding, so why stop documenting it there? Let’s keep telling your love story. 

Since documenting your love story is so beautiful, I’m offering all you couples that I’ve been able to work with before, a discount on the anniversary session! So what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate another year of your marriage.

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