"Do you travel for weddings?" | Washington Wedding Photographer

One question I often receive with wedding inquiries is “Do you travel?” The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Some people don’t really believe me though, so let me prove it to you.

Savannah reached out to me through instagram about photographing her wedding in Tacoma, Washington, and after shooting a Washington wedding last year, I just about threw up I was so excited. Sorry if that sounded weird, but Washington is gorgeous and I will retire there someday.

The cherry on top was getting to do Savannah and Jacob’s engagement photos in Spokane this past April. I ended up driving 8 hours from Rexburg to Spokane and then 8 hours back—not all in one day of course. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve traveled that far for weddings, but I hadn’t ever traveled that far for an engagement session (no complaints either).

The craziest thing I ever did was have two weddings one day apart and on other sides of the US. It required me to drive 21 hours straight, which I don’t recommend. I wanted to fly, but there were seriously no airports near the wedding location, so I would have had to drive anyways. Either way, if that doesn’t tell you I’m willing to travel (and that I’m crazy), then I don ‘t know what will.

Jacob & Savannah Engagements | Spokane, Washington

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