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Everyone has a method or approach to their craft. Some methods are strange, like some movie stars’ with their method acting. One approach to photography that has resonated with me came from Kirk Mastin, a successful Seattle based photographer known for his love for film and his Mastin Labs presets. 

In an article he wrote, he shared his approach of, “Why I shoot with only one focal length,” or one lens. He listed off 5 lenses he would rotate through for a single shoot. I read with a little shock, but was also kind of jealous, thinking, “Wow! What a dream it must be to shoot with so many lenses and to get so many different looks.” 

However, he experienced something contrary. He said, “My work was sloppy, inconsistent, had no personal style, I missed shots while changing lenses, and perhaps worst of all, I damaged my back by carrying all of this in a shoulder bag.” Perhaps the most unfortunate irony happened when he looked back at his photos and discovered the “best photos to [that] point, were ALL shot on a 50mm lens.”

I don’t think I’ve experienced this to the same degree as Kirk, but I’ve come to find, similarly, that the 50mm is my favorite lens to shoot with. There are times when I want to shoot with a 35mm or an 85mm, but those are for those rainy day occasions. The 35 is often used for candids on the wedding day and the 50 for most portraits, bridals, and couples shot. Once in a blue moon the 85 makes an appearance. 

Anyways, I love my 50mm lens. It’s the perfect all-around lens that handles a wide range of shots, whether it be full-body shots or close-ups. But don’t just take me word for it. Take a look at this Idaho Falls bridal shoot shot entirely on a 50mm, and see why I love using it as my go-to lens.

Nelson & Kaylee | Idaho Falls Bridal Session

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