A lesson from my shoot with Miss Vietnam Utah

In the last year, the good Lord has graced me with opportunities to photograph people showcasing their culture. First I had the chance to shoot a bridal session with the couple in traditional Efik wedding attire, and shortly after I got to do a portrait and headshot session with Miss Vietnam Utah. I’ve already given my two cents about the beauty in culture for photoshoots, but I do have a word or two to say about Miss Vietnam Utah.

Without further or do, meet Christine Hoang. In the last year, she earned the title of Miss Vietnam Utah.


Camila Fuenzalida, a hairdresser turned wedding planner, introduced me to Christine at a shoot where she was the makeup artist. It had been a while since I met up with Christine, and I noticed how busy she was keeping up with her responsibilities as Miss Vietnam Utah. Camila messaged me about doing a shoot for Christine and I was all over that idea.

When Camila was curling and styling Christine’s hair, I asked her about what it was like to be Miss Vietnam Utah. I expected a one-word response like “Busy,” or “Good,” but she had so much more to say.

Just as the title implies, she represents the Vietnamese community in Utah. It’s one thing to represent the community by simply attending events, but she said, “I do so much more.” She carried on to tell me about her volunteer experiences and the time she puts into it. On top of it all,  she somehow balances all of this with school and work.


I doubt she has an agenda behind this idea of going the extra mile. She is just trying to be a good person.

I’ve come to find the true measurement of success boils down to being a good person. This principle goes above every other aspect in Christine’s role. She can have a crown, beautiful dress, and have a great talent, but what it always comes down to is—are you a good person? And she easily expresses that in what she does.

The world needs more of what Christine evokes through her title. Whether it be at work, class, or home—If you want to be a good anyone, then be a good person.

That’s my rant of the week, so enjoy the photos below. :)