Palisades Couples Session | Idaho Wedding Photographer


When people say Idaho isn’t pretty, I tell them they haven’t been to the right places. You can go 30-60 minutes in any direction from Rexburg and you’re bound to run into an awesome arid landscape, a friggin magical forest, or some dang majestic mountains. In other words, back off haters. 😉

One of my favorite areas is the Palisades Reservoir in Irwin, Idaho just past to Swan Valley. Cameron and Olivia were a perfect match for this location, being quite the adventurous couple. When the weather is more mild, there are several spots that are easily available, but we must have walked half a mile through a foot of snow to get the shots we wanted, and the cold didn’t bother them anyway (sorry #Frozen).

Anyways, you’ve heard enough from me. What are some of your favorite places to in/near Southeast Idaho or Wyoming?

Brooks McFadden