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For most of the weddings I shoot, I enjoy making a road trip out of it, but this Phoenix, Arizona wedding was held in December, so driving was a little bit out of the question. Before I say anymore about this wedding, God Bless America for Southwest Airlines and their 2 bags free policy! #notsponsored

To give you a bit of back story, I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy and Emily, because they’re good friends with another bomb couple (Josh and Emily Rose) who I worked with earlier last year. 

They suggested me to them, so I got to work with another amazing couple AND I got a perfect excuse to escape winter for a bit! But seriously Jeremy and Emily were so awesome to work with. Emily is the sweetest and kindest person in the world, and Jeremy makes fun of my white girl Instagram posts. #noshame 

For their bridals, we shot them the afternoon before at the Phoenix, AZ LDS Temple, and holy smokes they are a classy couple! Jeremy had these dapper cuff links, and Emily’s dress was friggin majestic with her dress and cathedral veil. So yeah I geeked out while taking their photos.

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for 2 days in Arizona paradise before traveling back to Idaho for another wedding. But let me tell you, it only took me 2 days to understand why people become snowbirds.

Also fun story: While shooting their bridals, I was standing in the grass for one of the shots, and the sprinklers turned on. I could tell one of the sprinklers seemed to take a liking for my backpack, so I booked it back on the sidewalk. Lesson learned: don’t walk on the grass!

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